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Invasive Plant Problem in Bucks County

Posted by Cynthia Rundatz on March 13, 2019 in  Bucks County PA  Invasive plants
As spring approaches and everyone start getting outside to tend to the landscaping – now is the best time to check your property for invasive plants. Why are plants like non-native honeysuckle, bamboo and kudzu a problem? Among other serious problems: Water: When invasive plants like ivy or clematis dominate the groundcover, there is very little root structure to bind the soils. That’s why large areas dominated by invasive plants are more likely to erode during flood events than areas with a d... read more
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Peeking at Perkasie

Posted by Cynthia Rundatz on November 09, 2018 in  Bucks County PA  Perkasie
One of the sweetest towns in Bucks County is Perkasie – a center point between Philadelphia, Allentown and New Hope PA. Originally part of 11,462 acres owned by William Penn’s daughter’s husband Thomas Freamer the 200 acres then forming the town were sold to John Lacey who then sold the land to Jacob Stout. Many locals are aware of that name from driving down Jacob Stout Rd in Doylestown. Jacob Stout built one of the largest manors in Perkasie; a large stone dwelling at Fifth and Spruce Streets. I... read more
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